Social activities

Optional Program for Monday, July 23, 2012 and Tuesday, July 24, 2012 (afternoons)

Guided tour through historical Bad Saulgau with the town bard
If it’s an entertaining journey through Bad Saulgau’s history you’re looking for, then you’re in good hands with the town bard. Michael Skuppin will lead you through the historic town with stories and songs accompanying himself on the medieval lute. As a time traveller strolling from the town hall to the Kreuzkapelle, you’ll learn fascinating things about noble knights, high towers, phony saints and lots more.

Behind the scenes at the Fire Department
Fighting fires, technical assistance, help when traffic accidents occur, and assistance with hazardous materials are a few examples of the multifaceted tasks that the members of the fire department are involved in. As a participant in this excursion you will get an insight into the structure and diversity of tasks of the fired department. You will have the opportunity to go up into lofty heights with the aerial ladder and get a glimpse of Bad Saulgau from a bird’s- eye view and learn the correct method of fire extinguishing from the fire trainer.

Farmer and Energy Manager: Are they Compatible?
At the Dreher farm in the bio-energy village of Lampertsweiler you can gain interesting insights into modern farming. You will be able to see dairy farming in action on a farm with 120 cows and two milking robots. Of special interest to young physicists will be the biogas plant which produces thermal energy and electricity. The energetic treatment of renewable resources produces not only electricity, but also provides 30 households with heat. After the visit there will be an opportunity to taste a “Dennete”, a Swabian “pizza”. Further information about the farm at

Knoll.It works – An innovative machine-building company
The machine-building company, Knoll Maschinenbau GmbH, is not only one of the biggest employers in Bad Saulgau but also one of the leading suppliers of products that feed, filter and pump contaminated coolants and chips. During this visit you will get acquainted with the research and development department of an innovative, future-oriented company. You will get an impression of the modern training department where emerging talents are trained in modern occupations such as industrial mechanic, electronic technician, product designer, and engineer. Further information about Knoll at

Up, up and away – climbing on the climbing wall of the DAV (German Alpine Association) use to
Would you like to try something different? Climb the climbing wall that the members of the German Alpine Association practice on for their climbing tours in the German and Austrian Alps. If you would like to let off a little steam after a lot of brain work during the competition and at the same time experience the fascination of climbing, then the climbing wall is the perfect place for you. Experienced instructors and all necessary safety measures ensure an interesting experience.

Baroque and nature – A walk to Convent Siessen
If you are interested in Baroque architecture as well as church and religious culture then you should not miss this opportunity. The two-kilometer walk takes us through the lovely Wiesen Valley to the convent. On the grounds of the Franciscan convent stands a jewel of Baroque architecture, St. Marcus church, built by the great architect, Dominikus Zimmermann. Apart from the church, there is also a small museum exhibiting the works of Sister Innocentia Hummel whose paintings served as models for the world famous Hummel figurines. On the grounds of the convent is also the St. Farncis Garden. On the way back to Bad Saulgau the Wagenhauser Weiher (Wagenhauser Lake) invites the passers-by to a swim in warm weather. More information about Convent Siessen at


Fixed Program on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 (13:45 – 18:00)

A comptetent partner in agricultural technology – A visit to Claas
The high-horsepower tractor, Xerion, with 500hp will be presented to the IYPT team members at Claas this afternoon. In addition, you will be able to see high-tech fodder harvesters produced by Claas. Other highlights of this visit are a tour through the production department, an opportunity to take a ride on the test track, and much more. This promises to be a very interesting afternoon in view of the fact that Claas is avery successful international agricultural technology firm whose motto is “The First Mover in Agricultural Technology”. Further information about Claas at

Sigmaringen Castle – A journey into the 11th century
The oldest parts of the castle, majestically situated above the Danube, date back to the time of the Stauffer, about 1200. During the guided tour you will experience 15 royal state rooms and learn about the history, historical connections and everyday life in the castle. The castle is well worth a visit. After the guided tour in the castle there will be a visit to the local Zollern Brewery where there will be an opportunity not only to see the brewery, but to sample the excellent beer. Further information about the castle at

Up, up and away II – A visit to Liebherr Ehingen
Liebherr’s P-crane “Power Boom” which can lift a load of more than 1300 tons and towers 150 meters high, is one of the highlights awaiting visitors in Ehingen. The Liebherr Ehingen GmbH plant is one of the world’s leading producers of mobile cranes. During the visit we will also have a look at the production of telescopic and lattice boom cranes on mobile and crawler vehicles. We will also be able to see the cranes in action. A further focus of the visit will be the training programs at Liebherr. Further information about Liebherr at

Einstein and Bad Buchau – An afternoon of archaeology, Baroque and the art of brewing beer
The moor spa town of Bad Buchau is situated in the middle of a fascinating moor landscape. It is here in Bad Buchau where Albert Einstein’s parents lived before his birth. One of Einstein’s descendants will give the visitors a tour on the archaeological trail about one of the most important European archaeological sites in regard to settlements. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the Baroque era while visiting the 18th century Baroque library hall of the monastery Bad Schussenried.
Rounding off the excursion will be a visit to the Bad Schussenrieder brewery where a master brewer will reveal the secrets of the makings of good beer. Naturally, there will be samples available.

Creating value through innovation – Research and Development at Boehringer Ingelheim
Boehringer Ingelheim is among the most research intensive pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Biotechnology and large sections of Boehringer’s research activities are located at the Biberach subsidiary. Boehringer Ingelheim’s pharmaceutical research is concentrated on the main therapy areas of respiratory diseases, cardiometabolic diseases, oncology, neurological diseases, immunology and infectious diseases. 7,000 highly qualified employees work worldwide in research and development on these topics.
The IYPT members who take part in this excursion will be given an overview of research activities and facilities by the staff of BI. Further information about Boehringer Ingelheim at

Tuttlingen – Europe’s biggest medical technology cluster
In Europe’s biggest medical technology cluster 400 medical technology companies are developing innovative
surgical instruments and cutting-edge implant technology. At Aesculap and Karl Storz, two of the largest and
internationally successful medical technology companies, visitiors will be able to get an insider’s view of this
innovative technology.
Among the highlights of this visit will be a look at the Aesculap Academy including the Aesculapium as well as
the Karl-Storz Visitors Center where visitors can gain an insight into the world of endoscopy.
More information is available:
Karl Storz: General Information and
Aesculap: General Information and