South Korea, Singapore and Iran winners of Physics World Cup

The preliminary rounds of the International Young Physicists’ Tournament which determined the finalists ended today. Taking part in the final round tomorrow will be South Korea in first place with 227.1 points, Singapore in second place with 216.8 points and Iran in third place with 205.1 points.

The teams in first to third places will receive gold medals since according to the rules all the finalists are awarded the gold. During the final round tomorrow the young researchers will be able to demonstrate their skills once more, this time with a project of their choice and not one chosen by the opposing team. The final round determines the “Winner of the Tournament”.

South Korea and Singapore confidently led throughout the preliminary rounds. Germany with 196.9 points came in fifth after Belarus with 197 points. Silver will go to teams coming in at fourth to eighth place, bronze to teams in ninth to fourteenth place.

The medals will be awarded on during the Award Ceremony on Thursday evening. But before taking possession of their medals the participants will go to Friedrichshafen for a Lake Constance Day by invitation of ZF Friedrichshafen, the automotive supplier. On Wednesday afternoon the young scientists have the choice of visiting either the medical technology enterprises Aesculap and Karl Storz in Tuttlingen, the pharmaceutical firm Böhringer Ingelheim in Biberach, Liebherr in Ehingen or Claas in Bad Saulgau. On Friday morning the 28 teams and those accompanying them will go to Stuttgart to visit the Daimler plant as well as the Mercedes Museum. On Sunday morning the 300 guests will then set off for their trip back home.

The German Team:

Michael Kern (Captain), 17 Jahre, Biberach Wieland Gymnasium Biberach Schülerforschungszentrum Südwürttemberg( SFZ®), Ulm

Paul Hege, 16 Jahre, Kassel Wilhelmsgymnasium Kassel Schülerforschungszentrum Nordhessen (SFN Kassel)

Clemens Borys, 19 Jahre, Vellmar Friedrichsgymnasium Kassel Schülerforschungszentrum Nordhessen (SFN Kassel)

Tobias Schemmelmann, 18 Jahre, Lörrach Hans-Thoma-Gymnasium Lörrach phænovum Schülerforschungszentrum Lörrach-Dreiländereck

Lars Dehlwes, 16 Jahre, Erlangen Ohm-Gymnasium Erlangen, Erlanger Schülerforschungszentrum (ESFZ)

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About the Schülerforschungszentrum Südwürttemberg (SFZ) (Student Research Center, South Württemberg)

The Schülerforschungszenbtrum Südwürttemberg in Bad Saulgau was founded in 1999 after a German team consisting of students from the region of Upper Swabia had won the most important physics competition for students, the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) for the second time. Since then it has been promoting and supporting talented young scientists and by doing so would like to counteract the shortage of technical experts. In the meantime further research centers have been created in Tuttlingen, Ulm and Friedrichshafen/Überlingen.

The SFZ is a forge for young talent, an idea workshop, a research laboratory, a knowledge center, a center for gifted students – and a social meeting place. Several hundred students of different ages and from different areas of Baden-Wuerttemberg come regularly to Bad Saulgau or one of the other locations to do independent research, without restrictive guidelines and without a schedule. What they have to bring along is curiosity, stamina, willingness to work on a team and to take part in competitions. They learn to work independently, to research complex questions together with others without knowing beforehand whether or a solution exists. They also learn how to do research as well as  acquiring techniques and skills they will need later in their studies or professional lives.

At the SFZ the students’ performance is of the highest level. And yet the Schülerforschungszentrum is not an exclusive institute for the gifted. Although the pupils should be prepared to work hard, be curious and have a good knowledge of mathematics, it is just as important to be willing to work on a team. Social skills are fostered in such an atmosphere. In addition to physics projects, there are also projects in the fields of mathematics, information technology, chemistry, biology, earth sciences and technology. Physics workshops are also offered to primary school students.

Interested and motivated students from the middle and upper divisions of Gymnasiums (college preparatory schools) have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in the sciences or prepare themselves for competitions. Students decide for themselves how often they come to the SFZ because they work not only at the SFZ but also at home and at their schools. The SFZ is supported by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the city of Bad Saulgau, Sigmaringen County, by foundations, companies and private donors.